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Are you involved with an animal rescue organisation or animal shelter?
Are you an animal foster carer?
Do you know of animal's in rescue organisations or animal shelters that aren't getting adopted?
Then please read on. . . . 

Emotional Release Therapy (ERT) provides a unique holistic energetical re-balance for any animal that's found its way needing re-homing. This is a deeply loving, insightful and spiritual treatment allowing for growth and healing for the animal for deep level processing, stress release and re-balancing.
Any emotional blockages in our energetic body are felt by our animals as well as energetically passed on by the animals ancestral family. As we are all connected, they begin to show the same blockages, although they may express them differently. All animal behavioural and physical issues can be explored using this therapy with the results being greatly successful.
This unique therapy allows for immense healing of issues and acknowledges problem behaviours as merely symptoms of a core issue.
It's not uncommon for a rescue animal to find their furever loving home after they've had a Rescue Animal Emotional Release Therapy Session.
* This is a free service I offer to any animal that is in rescue, foster care or animal shelter 

Booking a Rescue Animal
Emotional Release Therapy Session

When you book a Rescue Animal ERT session there are things that I require from you.
Please email me the following information...

  • Two clear photos - one of your animals face showing their eyes clearly & the other showing their whole body.
  • Name, age, sex & known breed.
  • Intention for the session (what you want me to check, work on, release, what is the issue, etc).
  • An email address I can contact you on.
  • A form will be emailed to you on what to expect after a Rescue Animal ERT Session.

If you have any questions about an Animal ERT session prior to your booking you can send an email

Questions about the rescue animal's health, their attitudes towards other humans & other animals, behaviour & environment are all welcome. The most important thing is to have an open mind and whatever is identified in the session is for the upmost of pure intention for the animals wellbeing.

You may see a positive change in the rescue animal after the ERT session. They really appreciate us when their energetical emotionals are released. That alone can have a positive change in their behaviour, attitude and overall health.

Please note: I can't guarantee that the behaviour of an animal or the situation alters to satisfy your expectations. Ultimately it's what ever is required in the energetical shift and the processing specific to the energy field of the animal. There are many factors that can contribute to an imbalance and it may be that the rescue animal requires more ERT sessions to release the layering effect of some emotions. 

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